Cleenol Dishwash Liquid - Red Label Washaid

Code: 301522-S

A non-foaming liquid designed for use only through commercial and industrial machine dishwashers, its powerful formulation removes the heaviest of soiling…

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£15.40 Ex VAT (£18.48 Inc VAT)
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£15.40 Ex VAT (£18.48 Inc VAT)
Availability: In Stock

Cleenol OSMOS Dishwash Liquid - Premium Dishwasher Detergent

Former Name: Red Label Washaid

A high performance dishwashing machine dishwasher chemical washaid for industrial dishwashers.

Suitable for the washing of crockery and cutlery in medium/ hard water conditions.

  • Corrosive
  • Removes heavy soiling

Bottle Size: 5 Litre

Cleenol Code: O1 (was A7)


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