Handy Reacher - 32" Long

Code: 132105

The Handi-Reacher is easy to operate for anyone, especially users with hand and wrist injuries. The rotating head keeps users from twisting their wrists in painful ways while the handle has four finger grooves, instead of the standard two, for extra grip force...

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£12.08 Ex VAT (£14.50 Inc VAT)
Availability: In Stock
£12.08 Ex VAT (£14.50 Inc VAT)
Availability: In Stock

Deluxe Grabber

The handy grab reacher is an excellent product to help reach those out of the way light items and picking those difficult bits and pieces from low down.

Long armed enabling you to avoid over reaching and to reduce placing too much pressure on your back experienced when bending over.

Pick-Up Reacher Length: 80cm (32" approx.)

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