Quattro Plus 1-in-4 Very High Risk Air Mattress System

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The Quattro Plus air mattress system has been, and still is, one of the most commonly used pressure relieving systems in the UK.  This is with good reason, as it is an excellent system...


£1,795.00 Ex VAT (£2,154.00 Inc VAT)
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£1,795.00 Ex VAT (£2,154.00 Inc VAT)
Availability: In Stock

Suitable for all patient types, including those at risk of, and those with existing pressure ulcers, the Quattro Plus air mattress system has been, and still is, one of the most commonly used pressure relieving systems in the UK.  This is with good reason, as it is an excellent system offering unrivalled patient comfort due to it's 1-in-4 cell design which also enhances support when the user is sitting up in bed.

Introducing the revamped Quattro® Plus, the market-leading 1-in-4 alternating therapy mattress, now enhanced with a new control unit design and functionality that has been significantly overhauled to bring you unparalleled ease of use and performance. Here's what makes the new Quattro® Plus a game-changer:

  • Streamlined for Infection Control: The new control unit is easier to clean, with fewer connection points, inserts, and crevices, adhering to the strictest infection control protocols.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a clearer, simpler operation with inputs and an LCD screen conveniently located on the top panel.
  • Smart Technology Integration: An NFC tag allows for simple reading of control unit information, and servicing details are just a button press away.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Internal improvements make cell servicing easier than ever.
  • Enhanced Safety: The improved CPR function drastically reduces deflation times in emergencies.
  • No Minimum User Weight: This mattress is suitable for use with even the smallest of patients.

Unmatched Comfort and Support for Every Patient

The Quattro® Plus mattress system is suitable for all patient types, offering a suite of advanced features designed to prevent and manage pressure ulcers:

  • Active 1-in-4 Cell Cycle: This cycle supports 75% of the patient’s body at all times on groups of three inflated cells, while the fourth cell deflates to redistribute pressure and encourage tissue reperfusion. This system not only enhances comfort but also minimizes awareness of surface movement.

  • TISSUEgard™ Technology: This feature allows for the partial immersion and envelopment of the patient into the support surface, reducing skin pressure and decreasing the pressure differential between inflated and deflated cells, thereby minimizing shearing forces.

  • Ortho-Differential Support: Firmer outer edges make patient transfers easier and provide extra support, while a softer central area enhances overall comfort.

  • Multi-Stretch Cover: The waterproof, moisture-vapour permeable properties of the multi-stretch cover, combined with a low-air-loss feature within the mattress, helps manage the skin microclimate at the skin-surface interface as well as reducing shear and friction during patient movement or manual repositioning. 


Why Choose Quattro® Plus?

With its innovative design and advanced features, the Quattro® Plus is more than just a mattress – it's a comprehensive solution for pressure relief therapy. Whether you're a caregiver looking for ease of use and maintenance or a patient in need of superior comfort and support, the Quattro® Plus delivers.

Invest in the Quattro® Plus today and experience the difference of cutting-edge technology combined with expert craftsmanship. Your patients deserve the best, and so do you.


  • 195cm / 76.5"
  • 88cm / 35"
  • 18cm / 7"
  • Quattro
Max User Weight
  • 200kg / 31st
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